Friday, November 18, 2011

Step By Step

*smashwords - a place to sell your book on Apple, Nook, Kindle, Kobo plus others.

*Amazon- at the very bottom of the page it says "Publish with us Independently" Pretty simple process except the form is .mobi
I chose the 70% royalty rate.- but they give you a price range your book has to be at...below $9.99 and above $.99

*Barnes and Noble- -With this one I downloaded a program that converts the word.doc into epub inside word. And then from there I downloaded another program to edit the epub, because the paragraph spacing wasn't right...but REMEMBER take your current copy, create a new copy, and then do the space indents from the menu bar in edit or tools...then from there for page breaks(to seperate chapters and the dedication/copyright/about the author/ and title page) do section break.

* Sign in. and this process is simple.
~Publishing Company- you will have to create your own Publishing- which was exciting for me! So think of a name, purchase an ISBN# ($10) Don't let them pick one for you, because you will give the publishing rights to if you do that. Unless you are only writing one book and it is not a series.
~the Blurb
~the cover - they give you plain choices. Some with design, but you add your own picture. They offer pix, but I created my own ( is a great website to use a pic you have and create it into what you want. or you can get someone to make one for you.
~the size of your book (reg. paperback, hardcover, or trade paperback:I chose this one because it fits my genre.) then you decide if you want cream or white paper.
then they will print your first copy and send it to you as the proof copy to make sure it looks how you want it. Once you get it and say Yes this is it! Then you go online and let them know, your book will then be available for purchase.
~I recommend upgrading, because you will get more money for your sales. It's $39 the first time then $5 per year after that!

* a website that also lets you upload your book. Put your cover up. Do descriptions. Then you can upload your book to any of the groups that fits your genre and any others you want to leave it at. This website has a lot of people just getting on to read - which is good because you will have readers- and if they enjoy the first 2 or 3 chapters they will want the rest of the book.

*Twitter- obviously a great way to get yourself out there. But make it specific to writing.

*FB- of course. A page...although I'm thinking about setting up a group...but I'm wondering how to get that out more across FB...

*Start a webpage- I used, it was the top webiste to create a webpage. Paid $25 and then upgraded and pay $6 a month for the special features. (you have to upgrade in order to have the tabs and a bigger widget and picture option)

* - is a webpage for fellow writers to get together and help each other out. You can get your query letter critiqued. Chapters critiqued. Find Beta readers. Or read all about self-pub.

* is a list of agents - you can specify genre and all of that and they will give you at least 5 pgs worth of agents if you still want to go that route.

*Start a blog- is a big one. but there are others. You have to keep up with this one too. And you want to make sure it is attractive to the eye for readers. Mine still needs work, but with my cover in the background it's all black lol... So it's dark.

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