Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Bond

My heart beats harder when he is near. Why can't I let go? He has obviously broken the connection with me. I can't feel him near her like i use to. But my vision still is powerful and my strong sense of smell will never fade. His scent is in the breeze and his beautiful smile is radiating from across the room. Has he spotted me yet? Is he just going to ignore me?

She is here. No matter how hard I try to rid myself of the hold she has had on me...I can sense her. Why can't we be done? Why can't I let go? She doesn't deserve my love after what she has done. But was it really her fault? Wasn't she more forced into this love triangle? So what. She should have fought. I would have died before loving someone else.

He blames me for all of this. Why wouldn't he? I did it. I was stupid and ding of thirst and now I'm stuck between two men. One I love from the depths of my soul and theother I use to loathe but now can't stand being apart from. Each one tugs at my heart strings. Each calls to me silently in the night. Wishing that I be with them for eternity. I chose to step away from both but at what cost? What will happen now? I feel like I could die. Can you die of a broken heart? I think it's possible. I never thought that's how my life would end, but I can't imagine living any other way.

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