Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Two things have hit me hard since I have published my book.
1) The fact that other writers who didn't know what step to take next or where to go with their finished and polished manuscript- found my decision to self-pub to be something they are interested in. And I get told that I was the inspiration for them to take that next step. ~ Now that inspires me. More than anyone can understand. To tell me that because I followed my dreams and pushed myself and decided one day "Hey I want to get out there and be published" let someone else get the same thought. I am inspired by that. That inspires me to keep writing. To keep publishing. And to keep sharing my dreams coming true for others to see and know that it takes determination to take the next step. I commend all who have followed their dreams and wish to only continue with my own. I also recommend those that are questioning what to do next- follow your heart. Listen to inside of you because that is where the true answer lies. Others will have advice to give, will have suggestions- take it in, but don't let it hinder you from pursuing your wants. Don't let anyone stand in your way. And especially don't let yourself stop you from moving on.
“Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try.”

2.) I have also recently found out that people- friends and family- that haven't read in years are starting back up by picking up my book. To be supportive of me they have decided to read my novel and still are continuing to read. Not just the first chapter but the whole thing. That again inspires me. I want to continue to write to get people reading. As an author and supporter of reading- to hear that I am bringing people back into it and they are actually enjoying it, tugs at my heart strings. Makes me put a deadline out there for the next books so they will continue to read.

So although- I have inspired some- those who have made these simple comments have inspired me. Thank you for supporting me, thank you for reading my thoughts, for enjoying my writings- you have inspired me and continue to do so. I am writing for you.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” Winston Churchill


  1. Congratulations on your book! There are so many publishing options these days that I think it's such a good time to be an author (and subsequently a very good time to be a reader). Your book looks great, as does your blog. Best of luck (I'll be checking out your book in the next couple days.)


  2. Thank you Steven! I am beyond excited to have my novel published! It is an absolutely wonderful time to be an author and reader! So many possibilities. Thank you for checking out my blog and looking into my book! I'm very grateful!
    Are you a writer or reader?