Friday, September 23, 2011

What I have learned.

Watch the passives...I heard that a lot
Keep the count down with "was" and "were"

I had to learn to focus on the truth behind the story I wanted to write. If my main character is walking in one scene then in the same scene a few paragraphs later she can't be driving- that's where you exit the true life part and enter the part where I am only concentrating on the big stuff not the small stuff. Still working on it.

Keep the commas to a minimum. I apparently am a Comma Whore- and learning to change.
"Hi my name is Tiffany and I gave out my commas like it was nobody's business. Thank you."

Next is...only let your closest comrads read it, and with that it would also help for it to be people 1) interested in the type of story you're writing & 2) someone else who knows how to tell you how it is and to pay attention to the truth of the story, the passives, and the over usage of commas.

Keep the exclamation count down also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Editors, publishors, and whoever-ors don't like them. So I've heard. I love exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!! It means I'm happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;D

On Query letters- 250 words max. Get the agent's last name and Mr. or Mrs. (enter last name)
3 paragraphs. A Hook- get them hooked immediately. Explain the main gist of your story here in no more than 2 sentences. Snazzy catch phrases, your WRITER's VOICE( a term I just learned which means to show off your specific writing talent. Mine tends to be sarcasm, and coming up with random descriptions :P)
A summary- Summarize the book- you have more room here rather than in the hook. Again use your voice. It's not in first person remember that. And try to pick the bigger issues that the character has to face. How do they handle them? What are the consequences?
Then another Hook at the end- What happens to the character as they make their decision? What could be the outcome? Do the whole dum dum dum(scary music playing woman screaming in the background) that type of ending...something to make the person reading this jump out of their seat to email you and ask for more NOW!!
Then a last paragraph to add in your credentials...or if you don't have any like me...then you just let them know the title of your book the genre and how many words and how grateful you are for their time.

Then cross your fingers and toes, carry around your lucky rabbit's foot, and do whatever else you believe will help as you wait. Don't expect an immediate answer- most of them tell you it could be weeks. But also don't do like I did and send out a lot thinking your writing is flawless-- noticed I mentioned finding someone to help edit-- it is a great way to make sure your writing is shining with well done edits thanks to your colleague(which you will take out to eat if you ever get a deal!!). Send out a small amount of query letters 5-10. See what kinda response you get. If it isn't pleasant- like mine- then go back and edit some more find something online like and find someone to help you some more or google and see what you can find. Then try it again with a new set of agents.

Eventually the harder you try and the more effort you put into editing it will come out flawless, and you will get that deal...just don't rush out -- like I did :D -- take your time. Study the notes on writing and don't expect to get it all done in just a few months. It takes time- lots of it- but I've heard in the end it is most definitely all worth it.
So if you are like me-- then you are willing to take that time to perfect what you do to turn it into a career-- and become the author that you have always wanted to be :D


I get these random short...paragraphs...that run through my head. I want to write. I love to write, and plan on doing it for the rest of my life. Hope that's okay :D

So some of the small short stories in the blog are just that...small random stories running through my mind. Let me know if any sound interesting...I'd love to elaborate :D

Well to talk about writing. I am doing edits on Bonded With Love right now. UP to Chapter 9 so far. The chapters are longer but I won't have as many. That's okay though...the story sounds sooooo much better :D

I had started up to Chapter 3 on the sequel- Struggle With Love- same characters new battle. I hope to make this at least a 4 Book series. Once it gets bought. If I can't get an agent my mid-next year I plan on trying self pubbing. What do you think about that???

Another project I have started is my Unknown title book. It is about demigods. A completely different turn from Vampires, but definitely still Young Adult and definitely still Fantasy! My fave! :D  I might throw some excerpts from it in here from time to time...but it's still just taking off. I'm only on the 4th or 5th page so far. But I already love the main character! Sarcastic, and different! :D

That's it for now I think...remind me to come back to this and chat with ya. :D

Something Random

A cloudy day was how it would start. Don't these type of days always start like that? I thought to myself. I had to take a deep breath before I walked through the door to face the one person I had spent the last few months trying to avoid.
"Hey Nick."
"What's up?"
"Nothing. Just here to do my job."
"Figured. Right through those doors."
I nodded.
That wasn't awkward at all, I thought sarcastically. Nothing like seeing an ex at eight o'clock in the morning to make life better. On top of that I had to walk through these doors and erase the minds of two soon to be locked away inmates. They thought they were dangerous, but last night when they came face-to-face with the supernatural they became the ones in danger.
I did my job and left the way I came in, and again having to face that same face that I had dumped in May.
"All done," I said out loud to no one.
"That was fast," Nick said.
"There wasn't much going on in those guys' minds. Nothing too out of the normal." I stopped by his desk. Thinking this was an invite to sit and chat, I was wrong.
"Well, good seeing you."
A half grin plopped on my face. I turned on my heel and walked out the door.

Up to date...

Okay I am soooo horrible at keeping up with the blog right now. Sorry!! I will be married in 2 weeks tomorrow! A married woman!! How crazy! :D I'm excited, but the being a wife part hasn't hit me yet. I know it will that week and definitely that day. I can't wait!! It's going to look so beautiful and everyone will be there.

So we don't quite yet have centerpieces figured out yet...well the design is there but we have more than one going on... And who all will be setting it up and all of that hasn't been decided yet. Also I haven't settled on Bridesmaids bouquets...Yikes!
We had family drama for a while, but I think that it's all taken care of now. I didn't feel like messing with it, and I know my mom didn't.
Brian and I did get our marriage license in!! Which is exciting!
And we made it through 2 showers with some wonderful gifts which are still in boxes filling up our living room right now.

Tomorrow is the bachelorette party. I will mostly have family to party with, but it doesn't bother me at all!! I have my two aunts who took me to get my belly button pierced at 18. My mom who parties more than I do, and apparently my sister who does the same...(which I didn't know)...My sister-in-law who is ready to get out and away from her kid, and my best friend who I always have fun with. It will be one of the best days!!

Wedding wise for now, I think that's it...Small things to settle but other than that it is coming together wonderfully!!