Sunday, November 6, 2011

Is my blogging/tweeting/writing annoying you?

So today I asked my Husband a question: Has the last two weeks been annoying to you?

Why did I ask that?

Because about two weeks I started a new twitter account specified for only my writing career. I only (for the most part) follow fellow writers or bloggers or readers or companies that have anything to do with writing. So I have been concentrating on that to gain a support group or new people to try out my book and see what they think...hoping in the long run I can sale myself as writers/authors must do to get their works known/read/purchased. And so I am trying to put my foot out there. So my focus has been on that plus on finishing the latest and hopefully last re-write to my novel BONDED WITH LOVE. That was finished this past week and I am THRILLED! I Also have been focusing on my pitch/query read to try to sell this book and let my baby spread its wings :-)

So I ask the question...he brings up a bad texting habit I have which is off the focus of the initial question...but then says no the past two weeks haven't been bothersome- I think good...because I have been doing nothing but on the computer/laptop/tablet/phone working on everything and trying to find answers to it all.

Authors/writers have to multi-task large projects constantly, find a logical regime to follow, have a home life, and be's hard work-- plus you have to be creative on top of it all. It all sounds exciting and wonderful. Even though it's a lot to accomplish and take on, I look forward to the challenge. I look forward to bringing a new world to life and introducing my readers to some interesting characters that they can hopefully fall in love with, as I did.

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