Monday, November 14, 2011

first day of Self-Pub

Yesterday I started working on getting myself published. The process took...some time. I started at around 3 (after the Cowboys game of course) and jumped into that website is very helpful with taking you through the step by step process. The longest part for me was the formatting from my typed MS to their specific template. Dealing with spacing and paragraph indentation took up most of my time. But it let's you pick white or cream paperB if you want a trade paperback or regular sized paperback. (I picked cream and the trade paperback size of 6x9). Then from there I moved onto the cover where you can make your own, or let them help you. I chose to do it by myself and they had quite a few to choose from...the hardest part from me was trying to harness the deep (very deep) part of me that might possibly have an artistic eye to put the picture together. I found one that fit absolutely perfect and I created it to fit what I was looking for exactly. That took-oh about 3 hours to put it together but I am completely satisfied with the look. After that it was picking prices and saying "this is it...push the submit button and it goes from there. The writing part is I ready? Should I look over it again? Am I resally done?" Then I pushed the SUBMIT button(eyes closed) and then "holy cow I did it! IKm published! I am a published author!!"

After that initial shock went away(well I stopped screaming and hoopin' and hoolerin' - I'm still shocked!) I set up for epub on the Kindle. I attempted with the Nook, but formatting issues had me beating my head against the desk(it was also around 4am). So that will be the new event for today!

I also started a Facebook Page and a website(bought the domain from godaddy)- it is very bare right now so I will refrain from putting it out there for now. Once it is fully up and running you all will be the first to know! The cover and descriptions are all up on Facebook. Have a lot to do with that one too.

I don't recommend going crazy and trying to do it all in one night 1)lack of sleep. 2) since I do have another job tobe at in the morning, hearing the alarm became a factor this morning (or non-factor however you wish tgo see it.) Take your time enjoy the process. Don't try to rush- hey I know its exciting trust me- but that was the one bad thing I did. Tonight's plan will consist of fighting format problem for the Nook again, prettying my website and facebook, plus visting smashwords another great site to get yourself out there.
First day- not so bad, will report about day 2 tomorrow! Hope this was helpful!

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