Friday, November 11, 2011

I decided to Self-Publish because...

Big decision made today. I have decided to Self-Publish BONDED WITH LOVE. My YA paranormal romance novel that I have been working on for about a year and a half.

In a contest that I signed up for, I received a comment about vampires being blacklisted by agents. Is that true?

To hear something like that after you have worked hard to perfect that you have fallen in love with- my baby- brings someone's spirits down. To be honest after I read the email, I felt my attitude sink as far as to say I was sad.

I love vampires, obviously. I feel like they are just getting started to make their amazing debut. Twilight started it back up again.- Absolutely they have been around for a long time- You had "Interview with a Vampire"- from as far back as I could think of from my generation. Then "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" jump-started it again in the 90s, followed by "Angel"- shows which still continue to be adored by their fans. "Moonlight" and "Blood Ties" are other great ones. Then "Twilight" came along- first the books, which brought on new books by new authors- then the movies, ("Breaking Dawn" comes out in a week!!!! *SQUEAL*), but you also had "Underworld" which will have the fourth movie coming out soon! Now you have "Vampire Diaries", a hit TV show adored by many, they get millions of viewers per episode. How can they be going out of style?

Dark and brooding. Eyes that stare into your soul. Sexy and seductive. That's what I think of when I think Vampire. Immortality, speed, need for blood, strength, impressive senses- at least one of these things you wish you had. They can be dangerous, the bad boy, a side you never thought you would enjoy, but you do. And it's okay. Vampires are gorgeous- normally- they've seen a lot and can show you a world you never imagined existed. Who doesn't want that?

Some may feel that "Holy cow Vampires are everywhere...annoying." But inside I think "WOOHOO vampires again! A new book! A new TV show! A new Movie! Woohoo!" So, if  certain people are tired of vampires, I'm sorry...but I still love them. I still fall for them. that darkness that hides in all of us. The world that you succumb to because real life gets boring at times. A great paranormal book/tv show/movie can take you there and give you excitement right from your couch. And that's what I plan on doing with my writing. Enjoy.

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