Thursday, November 3, 2011


The bones break so easily beneath my grasp. I squeezed with a hug and that was all it took. They told me I should stay away from my family away from humans in general, but I missed them too much to just never see them again. I just wanted to say goodbye. Now I have made a mess of it, I have made a mess of them. Bones crushed beneath my firm grip, minds now mine with just a glance. My anger got the best of me on that one. When you have full control of the driver,s seat of someone,s mind...don't shout "I wish you would fucking die" because it and now all three of the family members I came to say goodbye to, to walk away from, to protect from myself...they're dead. But not like me dead, but dead dead.

"Oh their blood is tantalizing. No stop that. Bad thoughts. Can't drink their blood that would be wrong. Very very wrong."

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