Sunday, November 13, 2011

Follow me through the process

I have been doing nothing but editing, working on getting this book ready for you to read. I want it to be the perfect vampire story, the one that makes you fall in love with the main characters and take you to their world.

Editing is done, so now is finding websites to get it set up. So far for the cover we are waiting on licensing details from the photographer to okay the main girl on the cover, then we should be good :) I fell in love with this cover and hope to use this one, if not then I will look for something equally beautiful.

There are a lot of details involved with the self-publishing but I am so ready to do this. So ready to see my baby be put out there. And so ready to hear what people think. It's exciting but at the same time makes me very nervous. 

So as I put this together I plan on blogging on each process, on how I feel, and what you should and shouldn't do if you make this same decision. I know I will make mistakes in this somewhere along the line. I know I will get confused or frustrated with a decision I have to make, but if anything this is a learning process-a big one. Hopefully you will learn from something I put on here and it will help you in your future book-decision making. I got this :)

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