Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The day in the life of an unpublished author...kinda.

Waking up brings excitement for me, in the fact that Hey It's starbucks time!! and also I get to check my phone for new twitter friends, new posts from one of my face sites AQC, and see what fun things my twitter buds in twitterverse had to say while I was gone.
Then I get ready for work. (not the writing job) My other job, that at this point is giving me money-so I must go in daily for that check thing.

Then I drive, listen to wonderful music and relax until I make to Starbucks where I squeal with delight- then drive off and make my way to the other work. Once I get there. I say 'Hi' to everyone I work with, but then once I am set up and ready for my day to start I dive into my writing world. The one where I am in a bubble and everyone around me is not part of it...my bubble tends to be sound proof- I think... This is where I re-edit the editing that I did of the fourth re-write. And I wished that I had an office where I could put up a do-not-disturb sign on my door, until all re-edits of the editing of the fourth re-write are completed. And even then I will be working on queries or the next book.

Then in the middle of all of these edits of editing, I focus back on twitter. Email my mom. Then back to twitter. Which I check religiously because I am sure someone else has posted a blog which relates to me, or a book that interest me, or some funny comment that I feel needs retweeting. I also check emails constantly, and facebook. Then I will head to lunch read a book by my favorite author. Once back it's time to dive in and do it all over again.

Once the other work is over, I head home have a wonderful dinner with my husband. Watch one of our many fave TV shows. Hang out with my two adorable puppies. Then get on the laptop. Follow twitter, my emails, facebook. and continue to re-edit the edits from the fourth re-write and hope that I am doing it all right. That everything I have learned from the blogs of people that have been in my shoes is working for me too. Or that I have paid attention in the AQC forums to know where I need to go next with my writing. We will see. But so far it has been a blast. I have met a lot of great people and can't wait to meet more. It was rough in the beginning (just ask my AQC group members- my writing in the beginning was a little...hmmm...scary- the only word I can think of.) They were nice enough to say 'You have the skill, but you haven't mastered it yet.' which I still haven't, but each edit of the edits of the fourth re-write I do brings me one- step closer. I will get there, and when I do- I will stop check my emails, twitter, and facebook- and then hop back into all over again. And I can't wait.

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