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4* Review for Bonded With Love by Jessica Ramirez- The Lovely Books

Review of Bonded With Love by @tiffany_heiser
Bonded With Love by Tiffany Heiser
Never in a trillion years did Rena really think vampires existed...or that she had enemies among them.

Beginning of senior year, and Rena Vesten is hoping for something incredible to happen. She never expected that the dark-haired, blue-eyed man of her dreams-literally-to suddenly appear as the new student at school.

The gorgeous mystery guy, Cryder, has more secrets than his inexplicable presence in her dreams. Soon Rena's world takes a turn into the supernatural when she finds out Cryder is a vampire king with a deadly rebellion on his hands, and a destiny irrevocably tied to Rena's...

...'till death do them part

My Review:
I enjoyed Bonded With Love and was a tad bit sad when the book ended. I grew accustomed to the whole gang, especially Cryder. And that name just sounds exotic and mysterious. I love it. Rena was a different story. I can't really say I liked her too much at the beginning of the story. There were times when she was rude for no apparent reason and I would find myself cringing because of it. But I guess I am being heartless. I can empathize to an extent with her because her parents had passed. I really can, I am not that rude! Do I like her now when I am all finished and done with the book? Well, I will say this, it can only go up from here. I see that she can make a strong Queen for the vamp community.

I like stories that involve the characters being in high school, don't ask me why, I just do. Rena and her friend, Cecile, are in high school when in walks the beautiful, mysterious guy that haunts her dreams. Cryder is sexy, there I said it. He is. I so want for a beautiful vampy guy to walk into my life and make it interesting! He is next in line to be King and Rena of course is his Queen, the one he has been waiting for his whole life. They had been betrothed when they were younger but they would not be able to meet until Rena became of age. Her own vampire soulmate. Soumates:) I like that idea!!

Every story must have a villian, in this case it is a guy named Bristol. Why couldn't they dispose of him? They had numerous amounts of time to do jus that but never did. Annoyed! I can't wait until he is taken care of. And by taken care of i mean killed! ha ha.

Tiffany's take on vampires was refreshing and creative. When Rena starts having dizzy spells, the only way she felt better was when she drank a fruity drink that Cryder gave her. Little did she know it had his blood in it. Um yuck or yum? To me it sounded good! And according to Rena, it was!

Reasons why I think anyone will love Bonded With Love. Because it had a twilighty feel of course. Twilight used to be my favorite book series until the movie came out. Blahhhhh! Now I can honestly say the books have lost that magical touch. So of course here I am looking for the emptiness I feel to losing love for my favorite book. I have found it! Through Bonded With Love, I can be happy, just like I was when I read Twilight. If Tiffany ever gets a movie deal, I hope they don't butcher it. And even if they did butcher it, I would still be there opening night:) Even though I hate the Twilight movies, I still go to every opening. I know it sounds crazy, but deep down I am still a true fan at heart.

If you are a big fan of vampires and paranormal romance in general, then this is your book. Why are you still sitting there reading the review? Go...NOW and buy it!!

Available at Amazon people! Go nowwwwww<3

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