Tuesday, December 27, 2011

where have you gone?

I loved you back then. Your smile and eyes took my breath away every time you watched me lovingly. Your laughter brought a smile to my face and I couldn't help but be happy when you're around.
But now you're gone. You left me behind. You said you would never leave me. I now have nothing to live for, nothing to laugh at, and no reason to breathe. I wish to die without you and I can't imagine anyone being able to convince me otherwise.
I had a dream about you last night. You looked as beautiful as ever. We cuddled underneath our favorite tree and we talked about life. It felt like old times as you intertwined your fingers in mine.
Then I awoke breathing deeply and you of course weren't there. I want to believe that the dream was the future not the past. That me seeing you meant I would see you again. But am I lying to myself? Perhaps. But I don't care. I want you back.
Do you know that when you touched me I felt like I was in Heaven? No one would be able to touch me like that. And when we kissed I never wanted to stop for air, I just wanted you as close to me as possible. But it had to end. It had to cease as all things do. And I wish to leave this world behind in hopes to find you. Are in Heaven? In the Otherworld? Or have you been reborn?
Either way I will find you. Trust me.

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