Friday, December 16, 2011

What's Next?!?

Book 2 of the With Love series is coming along nicely! & if I keep up @ this pace, the book should be out closer to the middle of the year! A lot of craziness follows the characters throughout this book & they will have to fight to keep themselves sane as well as alive! Can't wait!
Also my short story will be available at the end of this year! The Past Returns- an interlude to give more insight on the past as well as current situations with the characters. I enjoyed writing the short story, it gave me the opportunity to share some info that wasn't able to be in the books! I want the reader to know everything they can about the characters to be able to gain more of a relationship with them all.
There are definitely more short stories to come :)
Also once I get done with book 2 I will work on my demigods book and get that one out there! A sarcastic main character and two hotties creating a crazy love triangle plus other wordly goings on makes me excited for this book also!

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