Wednesday, October 26, 2011

So peaceful...

a step, followed by a creak.
I never thought it would get so complicated. First you love me, now you don't. You yo-yo'd my emotions and now I have no clue how to feel. Besides I want you dead. I want you to suffer like you have made me. I want you to feel humiliated and dumbfounded. I want tears to fill your eyes like mine often did. I also don't want any one else to get the chance to love you. It wouldn't be fair, since from the very beginning you said it would be just you and me. So no one else fits in the equation.
one more step and I will be close enough.
Now you lay in bed asleep and I have made it to your side. But what's this I find? A blonde...half-naked...lying in my spot?? Three is a crowd. I thought you said you only liked brunettes? You said you were just hanging with the guys tonight. Unless she is a he this whole scenario doesn't fit what you told me. Were you lying? Why would you do that?
gloves in place. pillow at my side.
I never thought I would feel this way for someone. So when you came along and swept me off my feet I was elated. It was finally happening to me. I got to see it all around me but it never actually happened to me. And there you were. So handsome. And now look at what you have done.
don't like guns so I brought a knife. a pillow to silence your screams.
Thank you for adding a new victim to my list. but I can't decide if I get her first so I can see the shock on your face to find out who has been doing it this whole time. Who has been ending your love affairs so you would come crawling back to me?
or do I kill you first and let the blonde watch? that probably wouldn't be as much fun since she doesn't know who I am.
I bet she doesn't realize that you're married. and with kids at home sleeping.
but I can be silent can be deadly and you won't ruin the life I have started.
Yes killing the bimbo first sounds fun. guarantee that the date rape pill you slipped into her drink hasn't completely wore off yet so she won't make too many noises...but yet the mickey I slipped into your drink I bet isn't completely worn out either.
will be nice and easy to get you both for trying to ruin my family when you can't move.
well killing her was easy. she didn't even open her eyes. made a few gurgling noises and that was it. A final gust of air evaporated from her lungs and then gone. She was just dead.
I moved over to you, but you were still sound asleep. you didn't move a muscle, didn't peek, didn't even snore. So I drug her body out of the room cleaned up the little mess I had made...I've been practicing...and disposed of her body. Then snuck out of the room, went back to our house, back to our kids, climbed into bed and nodded off.
I woke to find you next to me breathing in my ear and saw the same handsome face I had seen so many years ago. I love you you know? that's why I do this. Well maybe next time you will wake up and I won't feel like a yo-yo any more. but this time I'll let you sleep. You just look so peaceful. I couldn't possibly disturb you because of my jealousy issues.
I just love you so much. I'm sure you'll stop soon. I believe in you, and I believe in us.

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