Tuesday, October 4, 2011

i walked away...

I walked away. just turned and walked away. i should've said goodbye. i love you. i'm going to miss you. even thrown out some questions. why? was i not good enough? did you want more? i could've given more. i would've given more...for you.
instead i walked away. quickly slid into the drivers side of my car, slammed the door in your sad face without shedding a tear, and drove away.
you had been it. my only. my one. i thought my life had ended and begun with you, apparently i had been wrong.
after all of that it had been the smarter thing to do. after what i have learned about who'd you become, and what or who you initially ended up with- i had been right. i second guessed myself for years. wishing and dreaming that i would get to talk to you again, but i'm glad i didn't. i'm glad that you gave up on me and on us. you weren't mr. right. you were just the beginning. and i am okay with it. thankful now that all i did was walk away...

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