Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So recently I got into a facebook discussion with a family member about religion. We don't see eye to eye and that is fine--- but I do have a mind of my own now. Before- when I was a kid I would listen and agree- smile and nod. I didn't care back then. Now however I care. The last church I was at made me feel awful for everything wrong thing I did, like I was for sure going to hell for driving over the speed limit. But my views have changed. I learned from that experience and don't believe this is the case. We were born to make mistakes. Born to be different to not all think the same, or feel the same. So for me saying "sorry I disagree" wasn't meant to be disrespectful it just means "hey I think different than you." the greater being that made us, created my head different than yours. That's all.
But let me just throw this out there....
If Gays- Lesbians- are not meant to be...that they are planned to go straight to hell. Why would a greater being create someone only to condemn them? Yes! People are born that way. It is scientifically proven...some brains come out re-wired. They feel trapped in their own bodies- don't believe me? google it- take a psychology class. Its out there. Again if you don't agree- what about that little boy who enjoys wearing high heels? dressing in women's clothing? a little girl that feels comfortable as one of the guys? or just never feels comfortable with guys?- anyway...after you have gotten through that part.
If that boy or girl is born this way--- why would the greater being condemn them to the fiery pits right off the bat? -- I've heard that their goal in life is to learn to forget about it---so you want them to go against their grain? to not allow themselves to find happiness? that doesn't sound right. I don't think the creator would agree either.
I feel that the bible was written so long ago by many different people, and nowadays are so different from back then. Its hard to interpret it correctly. Also- The words written in that book are read by many different eyes and heard by different many ears---remember our minds are different.
So that Bright Blue shirt you say you have on---I see it as green... who is right??? How do you know for sure??? Which one of us is color-blind???
Let me know...

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