Wednesday, October 26, 2011

List of Fave Authors

This is my list of Fave Authors...the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

Stephenie Meyer "Twilight" - "Host"

Richelle Mead "Vampire Academy"

Rachel Caine "Morganville Vampires"

Melissa Marr "Wicked Lovely"

Cassandra Clare "Mortal Instruments"

Lisa Desrochers "Personal Demons"

AM Robinson "Vampire Crush"

Cate Tiernan "Sweep" - "Immortal Beloved"

Josephine Angelini "Star Crossed"

Tessa Gratton "Blood Magic"

P.C. Cast "House of Night"

Lesley Livingston "Wonderous Strange"

There may be a few that I'm missing. But definitely recommend any and all of these authors with their great works and an ability to be able to take you to a completely different world. These authors have a talent that I look up to. Try them out, I'm positive you will enjoy their writing as much as I did!

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