Thursday, July 14, 2011


Solid writing day...added lots to Chapter 1! about 3 pages worth of writing with excellent descriptives. not quite finished with it yet...but may start working on 3 and 4 tomorrow to get ready for Monday...I'm starting to understand what is expected in the writing world, and plan on taking my time on honing my writing capabilities to write the best book ever(to the best of my writing abilities)...Its bound to be liked by someone out there.
So I should have warned you all that this would be book talk central. Sorry. I wake up email a chapter and write at work write on my lunch break...come home eat and watch Dr.who...then write some more...its my full-time job until it's completed, then it's onto the next book...which I have already started but not too far in so I can go back and edit...SWEET! :) It'll get there soon. so tomorrow is Friday and Maddie is staying the weekend...I'm excited! I will take lots and lots 'o pictures this weekend. Hoping to go see Zoo Keeper(which reminds me to check times) ---oh and tomorrow Friday July 15th I will be picking up my completely hemmed and dry-cleaned WEDDING DRESS!! Can't wait!---- anyways.... Then Saturday we will get breakfast then head to the mall and search for a crown(tiara or hair clip) for the wedding for Sky and Maddie to wear and also some simple jewelry for the two of them. Then we will head to Barnes and Noble--- (THE GIRL HAS NEVER BEEN TO A BOOK STORE!!!!!!)--- I'm not over-exaggerating I mean never as in N-E-V-E-R So that's where we will be, plus buy a gift for my aunt Rita---her birthday is Sunday and we will be HOSTING a swimming bash for her! :) Can't wait!!! ---that is probably something else we will do is swim!! Anyways long weekend ahead must go to sleep now...or attempt it nonetheless ---
Nighty-night :)

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