Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I was able to get through chapter 3 and 4 only to end up wanting to combine them. I did create a new Query which I will post shortly. I am effin proud of it too. It took 45 plus mins to create this and tweak it. It gives a full heads up of what's goin on in the story without giving ever dang detail.
I got two more yesses today!! I'm movin on with my chapters--what what!!--- lol! So I need to work on them...then work on chapter 1 and 2 as well. Lot's to do...and that's only 4 chapters!! I still have many many  more to go...
It's goin to be so perty once I'm done though...can't wait for that time...
alright late again...time for bed.
oh I dyed my hair...dark brown then adding highlights in a week or so.
I have bridal pics on the 30th and don't want my hair lookin all sorts of funky. So it will get done. Along with my nails...I will look GORGEOUS.
Alright time to go for realz.

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