Friday, July 8, 2011


Okay so it's 2 in the morning...I was vacuuming at 12:30am...we threw trash away, cleaned a bathroom, straightened the storage up, fed the cats and watered the plants, plus had time to watch an epi of Dr. Who! I'm just now getting tired and won't probably fall asleep until 3...have work at 9, but am getting up early to do other things around the to sit a little and enjoy doing some critiques...but didn't get any editing done. All of this could have been avoided if we weren't so lazy every other day...and its all happening because my mom is spending the night lol! :) We'll enjoy the spic and span look though...hopefully it will stay this way. *crossing fingers* I"m rambling on this one...but again it's 2 in the morning...well 2:05 now.

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