Saturday, May 11, 2013

Struggle With Love Teaser!

I am startled awake by birds chirping around me. I blinked repeatedly, blinded by the sun. The porch swing I found myself on, floats in mid-air. The wind swung me softly back and forth, and I realized that I was once again in the middle of a dream.
A field full of color surrounded me. Neatly trimmed rose bushes discretely wound their way around the beautiful shade trees at the edge of this open arena. I jumped off the swing and landed gently onto perfectly cut grass the color of emerald. I allowed myself to relax into the scene before me, as I laid on the grass on my back and stared up into the bright blue sky. I let my mind create designs in the clouds and was instantly startled from my bliss by a voice.
"Are you enjoying what I have created for you, sweetheart?" Bristol asked. I shivered and turned to stare at the monster I loathed. His lips curled with a knowing smile. Seeing that smile should have terrified or angered me, but instead a warmth spread through my body. I watched him take a couple steps closer and then closed my eyes, hoping to mask my intrigue from him. "I can't ever get enough of watching you shine in the sun."
Butterflies bombarded my stomach by his words. Deep down I knew what I was feeling was wrong but I couldn't remember why. The swing wobbled as Bristol sat on the swing and patted the spot next to him. I stood up and immediately cursed my body for betraying me. I stared down at my hands as I sat down next to him. "Why am I here?"
Bristol caressed my cheek and I sighed. He then lifted my chin and stared into my eyes. "Would you rather be somewhere else?" He asked as he softly stroked my chin with his thumb.
I shook my head involuntarily as I stared into his dark eyes. I remembered the hate I once felt for these eyes, thinking they were dark and soulless, and now I could see that they were dark brown. I couldn't remember why I ever hated him. He was beautiful in his own way. His dark long hair was pulled back into a ponytail hanging down his back, high cheekbones made his smile stand out, along with his thin heart-shaped lips. Bristol leaned in towards me and softly placed those lips on mine. I sighed again and closed my eyes with pure joy that his kiss brought me. Behind my eyelids, a face with bright blue eyes and beautiful smile impressed itself into my mind. That vision took my breath away. I shook my head with an attempt to push it away. Every time I blinked those sparkling blue eyes stared back at me. Why was I having visions? Who was this man in my mind?

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