Monday, May 6, 2013



The last time I was here, this planet had less inhabitants. That was so long ago. I had been placed in an area filled with lush green grass. I remember walking barefoot across the lands and enjoying the feel of the soft grass beneath my feet. There have been many changes since then and I am uncertain if enjoy them. Earth is too crowded now. Everywhere I turn I find people or building, some form of vehicle, and miles of pollution. It saddens me. I also can feel the emotions of this planet and there is no peace as it use to be. I am overwhelmed by a numerous amount of different feelings. This place is plagued by anger and hatred for each other. My Father did not create this place for it to fall apart, and in such a short time.
I sigh. Now I must wear shoes, because there is no telling what I could step on. I have been made flesh for this current task. My wings are masked and unseen by the human eye. Not that the humans would even notice something like that, they are so caught up in their own small view of the world. I use to be excited about the humans. They were interesting as they continuously developed new ways to live. They were all smart and creative, and now there is only a select few. I do not mean to be so down on the human race, in fact I love them. I as an Angel was born to watch over them, and I have watched them fail time and time again. I have seen them hurt each other over simple items and even kill one another with no apparent reason except hatred. Parents abusing their children, and vice versa. I hope often that it will all stop however, it continues endlessly, and my heart breaks all over again. On top of everything else, my species is caught in the crossfire. Darkness has found its way from the burning pits of Hell and now travel the streets of Earth unseen. Angels once fought the Demons and expelled them from Earth. This all happened before the humans existed, and now we must do it once again. In between these battles we were known as gentle. My race use to bring happiness and joy to the hearts of each human, but now speaking of us only brings fear. I never believed it would become so dark for our species. I had many hopes that one day all differences between the species would unite. I hoped that they would not fear or hate each other, but I was naive and that hope has vanished. Now we fight against each other, never able to compromise or live amongst each other. Most Demons only wish to cause harm to Angels and to humans. I prayed to my Father that one day someone would come along and dis-spell the notion of evil. I wished that this being would understand that we aren't here to bring the end of the Earth, but help it last.
I know deep down humans will speak our names once again with peace in their hearts and the unity between all races will grow strong again. Humans, Demons, and Angels will one day be joined as one. It was written so long ago, that a war would be ended by one who is born of many races. A female who will bring forth unification among all. Her name was placed among the stars many years ago, she is our one true hope. Danielle was the name whispered to us throughout the clouds. Those of us who still believe, await her arrival to this day.
Although, I never assumed I would love her. I never visioned I would fall for her. She is the princess of the Angels and goddess of the Demons- grown and taught by humans. This one girl brought light to my darkness. I have hidden my feelings for so many years as a warrior of the Gods, and she brought the life back in me.


Addiction...a persistent, compulsive dependence on a behavior or substance. It has been proven that it is possible to be addicted to someone. Does anyone really believe that? The insistent need or want to be with someone fills every one of the senses, controls every thought. There is nothing else around, but that one soul.
Their smell fills the nostrils even when they aren't near. Sleeping doesn't even bring true rest, because the subconscious is consumed by them.
But what does it mean when the two people have never met? How can that even be possible? One random day a name pops into my head, a beautiful image shows itself into my mind, and a deep seeded need controls the beat of my heart. Brightness covered my normally darkened vision, and a pulse produced rapid steady beats to my typically undead heart. How a stranger could bring so many emotions to a non-human being, I will never understand. There was a light in her that I had never seen. Something so bright that it burned my insides, and yet I yearned for the pain. Call me a masochist, call me insane, I don't care what I'm called; all I knew was that I wanted her for my own.
The question I had for myself was: Did I only want to steal her light? Was I more concerned of the taste of her blood? Would the light make the blood sweeter? Or was she someone that could bring my lost soul to the surface? I had no answers. I only know that I became obsessed with this goddess. I wanted to bow down before her, kiss every inch of her body, and drink from her. I would beg for it all, which wasn't like me at all. I didn't care. I wanted her to be mine. Danielle, that was her name, and I knew right from the beginning that I would lay down life for her.

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