Monday, May 6, 2013

I took a deep breath in. His own breath colliding with mine. It tickled my nose. How did we get into this position? How did he end up so close to me? Last I remembered we were standing awkwardly apart. We were staring off in different directions and I literally twirled my thumbs. Now, we were so close to each other. His body was flush against mine as he had me pinned against the wall. A few hours ago, I didn't even know I wanted him, but we had sat and talked. That was what lead us here. He could talk, he could open up, and he let me in. His eyes darkened as the tension grew between us. My chest heaved with anticipation. His words were intoxicating, his deep voice was sultry, and those eyes- oh god those eyes. I couldn't catch my breath. I wanted him. My heart sped up with the multiple thoughts running through my mind. His sweet breath caressed my ear, and that was when I realized he was laying his head on my shoulder in a hug. When was the last time someone had hugged me? I couldn't answer that. I expected more, but in this moment a hug was the most amazing thing I had felt in a long time. His arms wrapped around me and a deep sigh escaped his lips. He had shared so much with me and I could literally see his shoulders drop from the release. Thank you, was all he kept whispering in my ear. I wrapped one arm around him, bringing him closer to me. The other hand traveled to his hair, where I slowly began to glide my fingers through his dark strands. My fingers slid down to his temples, and then down his cheek. I felt wetness there and when he looked up at me I saw one single tear sliding down his cheek. He had been holding in so much. How could someone hold so much sadness and anger in them? He had never spoken these words to another soul and yet he told me everything in detail. I pulled his face up to mine, so that we were eye-to-eye, and smiled softly at him. In that moment everything transferred through us. Happiness for a new friend, joy to find someone to express ourselves to, and a fire I had never felt before. Our lips met slowly and softly. I was eager for more, but this was heaven in the moment. I never wanted this to stop. His lips slid down to my neck and low whimper escaped from my mouth. He chuckled softly and nuzzled deeper into the crook of my neck. One hand held my wrists above my head as the other felt its way around my body. My whimper turned to whine and from there I groaned loudly with hot desire. We turned and now his back was up against the brick wall and I could see muscles ripple from underneath his shirt. He yanked on the curls hanging down my back and tilted my head back and continued to seduce my neck. My body and I wanted more. I pulled him from the wall and made our way to the bed. A low deep husky growl vibrated through me as he realized where we were going. I didn't want this to stop. He had let me in and I wanted to do the same.

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