Friday, February 10, 2012

I don't understand...

Men and women. So different. One requires so much attention and affection and the other assumes it's implied. How do we even get along? Driving each other crazy with our needs and wants. Girls can't shut up and be done with it, guys can't understand past their own thoughts. Like how it doesn't make sense that once they say I Love You that anything else needs to be done. Females don't understand why guys have a hard time giving 100% affection.
We are so completely different.
I know even as writing this that there are ladies out there that are perfectly satisfied with the implied love, so obviously this leaves you out. Or guys that require jusr as much attention...and you have been excluded from this. These are just my thoughts as it pertains to me and my life.
I am needy. Require a lot of attention. My family is affectionate so that's what I've been around all my life. I need to be shown love to know that I am loved. I don't like the implied version. I want it thrown in my face and shown to me. Again I'm needy.
Can I see it the other way? Do I understand? To be I don't and I can't. My woman skull can't go past that. I just don't understand. Show me. Don't tell me. It follows the whole writing policy lol. When you write a novel you have to show not tell. I am like that. I don't know how to change how to fix it...I'm sorry.

Random post...brought to you by my wandering mind.

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